Creating Quality Customers Through Digital Engagement with HypedEats

HypedEats is your Restaurant Marketing Partner

HypedEats builds your personal digital-engagement engine that diners respond to through social media and website strategy. Our programs are based on an understanding of each digital platforms features and abilities, combined with a content strategy using your customers language. A mobile-ready website, consistent social media strategy, and localized content is the right start to a solid relationship with your ideal customers.

Mobile-Ready Websites

Your mobile-optimized website will educate potential diners while encouraging repeat engagement from your loyal diners, regardless of their screen-size

Build Your Online Foundation
Social Media Strategy

Choose the right mix of social media channels to reach your customers directly through an automated social media strategy that builds awareness and creates virality of your message

Start Digitally Speaking Now
Reputation Management

Monitor and address content that is damaging while ethically increasing your reputation through customer engagement.

Local SEO Consulting

Implement best practices that show search engines that you are providing what your customers are searching for and available to them locally.

Be Found By Ideal Customers

Define Your Digital Voice and Engage With Your Customers