Responsive Websites
for Restaurants

HypedEats provides a responsive, CMS-driven web presence that keeps you in control of your content.

A Single URL for SEO Best Practices

Responsive websites make building separate mobile apps or mobile-friendly versions unnecessary.

Working multiple URLs can result in duplicate content and bad configuration of your web presence that can be SEO nightmares.

In the past, web developers would create mobile-versions of your site or create an “app” that would be served to web viewers instead of your main site.

These apps worked better on mobile phones, but “served” a different URL than your desktop URL and divided your SEO PageRank between these two sites.

Stop trying to force a mobile experience through a bad interface. Take control of your web presence with HypedEats

One Website for All Screen Sizes

A responsive website is the preferred method for a good web experience for your customers and for best-practices SEO strategy.

Responsive websites look great and functions the right way however your users prefer to view it.

Your website should provide a destination for your diners while tying together multiple social media profiles.

The loyal lunch-crowd can order from a desktop at work while a commuter in the area discovers your website on their smartphone for a quick drop-in.

Responsive websites allow for content to rescale based on screen size, eliminating the need to “pinch and scroll” when mobile

or make be directed to an alternate version that provides a degraded user-experience.

Where are you on your web journey?

Website Redesign

Starting @ $800.00
  • Transfer of Content
  • Lead Capture Consulting

SEO Content Overhaul

Starting @ $1100.00
  • Transfer of Content
  • Lead Capture Consulting
  • 5 pages of Copywriting (see details)

eCommerce and Lead Capture

Starting @ $1400.00
  • Transfer of Content
  • Lead Capture Consulting
  • 3 Forms
  • eCommerce Platform and Product Setup (see details)