Restaurant Social Media Strategy

HypedEats helps you create a strong digital engagement strategy combined with the right automation toolset.

After They Eat, They Can Be Friendly

Become A Trusted Resource

Your ideal customers are engaging with other dining-influencers online before, during, and after their breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

These diners are sharing their present experiences while planning for the future with new things found on a friend’s feed that they might also like.

The bond you build over common likes, dislikes, and experiences shared by your online community results in a more quality customer base that spend recurring income at your restaurant.

Social media allows you to become part of your customers conversation in ways that radio, television, or print media can not reproduce, and at a much lower cost.

Ears Kept Open Automatically

Keep Track of Customer Comments

Fear of scenarios how your staff may use social media or purposely not setting up your core social media platforms does not keep your customers from reviewing their meals.

Your ideal potential customers will look at review sites and their online connection’s social signals about what kind of dining experience they can expect before stepping a foot inside your location.

Diners want to tell their friends about their experience with your food and service with other friends and influencers.

Reputation Management tools identify and alert you automatically when new likes, comments, and reviews are created so that you can engage quickly and personally with your followers.

Are you engaged with your ideal customers?

Social Media Strategy

Starting @ $149.000
  • Define Social Media Strategy
  • Create Social Media Calendar (3-Months)
  • Create Social  Scheduling Account
  • Setup of 3 Social Media Profiles
  • Setup of 3 Searches

Social Media Optimization

Package Dependent
  • Select Optimum Social Media Platforms
  • Create Accounts
  • Cover/Profile Image Configuration
  • Complete Bio Section
  • Connect to other Social Media and Website